There are important unknowns involved in the drive towards circular economic models. It will not be a magic wand for sure, at its core consumerism is still the driving force. Nevertheless the enormous environmental benefits warrant active support and debate. OTWO is clear in this and tries to take it further. Its just plain common sense to encourage people to spend their money close to home. The more you spend “locally” the more purchases are likely to help our economic development. OTWO is a platform designed to achieve that awareness and aim.



Ecotourism is a way of enjoying what nature has to offer. In this section of our store we will show the most attractive and surprising packages to discover the wonders we have so close. A whole experience of the protected spaces that make this part of the world unique and a privilege to live in.

Ecological / Artisan Products

In our online OTWO-CAVE you can also buy ecological, environmentally friendly and fair trade products, manufactured in a traditional and sustainable ways. We believe on the biological and the organic. All created to take care of your health and protect our planet.

Editorial Design

We also offer editorial services, from advice to production of any type of publication, to the reissue on digital media of authentic classics of naturalist literature, travel, or on the rich heritage of our area. Illustrations, historical illustrations and everything that should never be lost.