We are already working for when the storm passes

This year, something more than Cestrum nocturnum will bloom in Gibraltar. OTWO is so excited to introduce - as organizers - the first edition of GWG (Green Week Gibraltar) that will take place throughout a week in April/May this year.
It will be dedicated to ecotourism, the environment, sustainable development, the Mediterranean Intercontinental Reserve (RBIM), principles of the circular economy, our natural and cultural heritage. All these aspects covered within wide educational, commercial and technical proposals.
With strong international content, projects, presentations and products from different countries that will be presented. The event will be articulated through four main fronts.


Covering different academic areas, lectures on ecology, climate change, recovery and heritage management, active tourism in natural spaces and the design of public equipment such as visitor centers or information points.

Exhibition Fair

A trade fair will also be organized with stalls from interesting companies in the sector, where we will discover attractive offers of routes, trails, rural houses, multi-adventure activities, along with a sampling of artisan ecological products.
Presented honestly and ensuring respectful production policies, in solidarity with our environment and an exciting alternative to conventional.
This exhibition fair will focus on new technologies, sustainable transport, energy optimization and important innovative technological projects.


One of the key objectives of this conference is environmental awareness and education. We are working with different agencies to include school activities, urban workshops with citizen participation, exhibitions with painters, photographers and artisans who will show us with artistic work respect for nature.
We also plan to organize groups for bird watching in different locations of the Straits, with guides specialized in ornithology, or visiting public facilities dedicated to the environment and located throughout the area.
We will cross paths through Gibraltar and the region, visit the last artisans of traditional products, tasting the traditional cuisine of each place or attending demonstrations of folklore, customs and ancestral music of these privileged territories.


We will promote definitive actions throughout Gibraltar related to traffic, coastal cleaning, or the planting of native species. We want to have an active and participatory Green Week Gibraltar.
In our next issue we will more accurately inform dates, contact numbers and emails for participants and advertisers. While we advise you to visit our website www.otwomag.com because it will inform you in real time of everything related to the GWG. And of course, do not hesitate to subscribe to OTWO.